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Will it work, and how long does it ‘take’

It is difficult to generalise because everyone is different. Change is easy. Lasting change needs to be embedded. Clients usually take 12 sessions (spread out over six months) of 60-90 min per session. It always starts with a complimentary discovery call, in which we figure out whether we are able to work together to achieve your goals.

Is this therapy?

Although many of the techniques come from observing what the worlds’ best therapists do intuitively (outside of their training), Coaching and Leadership Advisory is not therapy. It does, however, achieve many of the aims that people frequently go to therapy for, which is a change or movement through places in their lives where they feel stuck. The value of a good therapist is undeniable, but what coaching offers is change—change that lasts and that does not require someone to remember to be different. It is change that happens at the deepest level of learning, and so it becomes self generating.

Will this conflict with other healing modalities?

No. Coaching and Leadership Advisory does not conflict with any other psychological, or physical healing modalities. In fact, if often increases the effectiveness of other healing modalities and speeds up the healing process.


When not traveling, I work from home in Zollikon (Switzerland, 10-minutes by train from the Zürich main station) or mutually agreed locations around Zürich. I also work via Zoom or Skype.



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