“…new perspectives…”
“The way Selena navigates life is remarkable, and her coaching has been exceptionally valuable. During the four months we have worked together, she has proven to be a great coach.
She has shared insights, techniques and methodologies that have helped me acknowledge the influence of past experiences, the power of living in the now, and the choices to shape my future  and live fully.
I have experienced a few turning points and unexpected challenges in my career lately,  and being able to discuss with Selena about the way forward has made a big difference.
I truly appreciate the fact that she has always been very approachable, I could contact her over the phone before and after the sessions, in those moments when I felt I needed an extra dose of encouragement or new perspectives. 
I truly recommend working with Selena and taking the personal assessments. All the best!”  
– Digital Marketing Professional, 30s



“…self-awareness, compassion, resilience…”
“I met Selena at a women’s leadership conference.
Partnering with Selena as my coach was one of the best decisions I’ve made. We started by identifying my unique capabilities, motivations, values and cognitive process profiling assessments and linking them to my current role and work environment.
This evolved into unpacking my self-image and mental scripts, and how this was holding me back from building greater rapport and visibility at work.
She taught me to bring greater ease in my life by becoming more attuned to my mental, emotional and physical response to uncomfortable situations, and ways to manage them, drawing from a wide variety of fields.
As a result of my coaching, I’ve developed a deeper level of self awareness and compassion, I feel more confident in my capabilities and resilient in the face of setbacks. I would highly recommend Selena as a coach.”
– Investment professional, 30s




“…strength, self-awareness and confidence…”
“I met Selena at a speech of hers “Resilience in Exponential Change”.
Selena talked straight into my heart. I felt I was lacking self-knowledge and insight on how to proceed with my career. I decided to trust Selena and very quickly I was faced with many new insights on myself.
The methods Selena use are extraordinary, very human, but still challenging. Selena possesses a strong capability to understand and grasp a person very quickly, this combined with her longtime business background is a great asset when discussing diverse topics.
I appreciate her warm approach towards her work and our working together thought me, that the most important asset I possess is myself. Within a very short time frame I learnt a lot about myself and with help of Selena I feel stronger and more self-aware and confident than ever.
I can highly recommend Selena as a coach – if one truly wants to focus on oneself, to learn different insights to one’s life and to learn to take responsibility on ones actions,”
– Manager, MNC, 30’s, secured a new position





“… healthy self-esteem and courage to fight and defend…”
“My work caused me anxiety, fear and other negative feeling that I had not felt in my relatively long career as a specialist or director. This of course made me wonder whether the problem was me or the environment where I am working. And what I could do if I could identify the problem. 
Coaching, especially with Selena, helped. My only mistake was that I waited this long to start. 
Coaching helped me to identify the problem. Clarify the players and the roles. Weight the problems and solutions. Gave tools to cope challenging situations. Gave me (healthy) self-esteem back. Gave a me courage to fight for my rights and defend others.
This all was great help and I needed it. All decisions and actions are my own in the end, but it is much easier to make them when the overall picture is more clear and I don’t have to make decisions under enormous mental pressure without truly listening coach and a dialogue with a person who really cares. 
Thank you, Selena, for steering my career and thinking on the right track!”,
– Senior Director, MNC, 40’s,
navigating political dimensions at work





“… trust myself in the future…”
“I had the pleasure to get to know Selena during very tough times in my career.
I was pulled into a position which was more than a stretch for me. I immediately trusted her and appreciated her way of looking at things.
The way of raising questions helped me looking at different aspects and allowed me to manage my challenges successfully. Selena was also able to reflect with me past situations so that I trusted again in my skills before entering again similar situations.
Through small interactions she ensured me with confidence – her interest in my topics always felt to me natural and honest and I appreciated her way of changing perspectives.
In the end I over delivered in that role and this was surely a result of working with Selena.
Today I am very happy to write this recommendation as I really believe in Selena’s skills and the results of these interactions. Her vast multicultural life and working experience make it easy for her to sense difficulties someone is facing. She has a warm and calm personality which makes it easy to work together.
From my point of you it was the best decision I ever took to set up this relationship and start getting coached by her.”
– Talent Manager, HR, 30, secured a new role




“… change life and work scripts…”
“I had the honour to be coached by Selena and support the coaching process by the Value Orientations (VO) and Motivational Profile (MP) assessments.
These are powerful assessment tools useful for both life, work and relationships.
She masters the assessments and can link the different aspects providing an outstanding support and good grounding on the topics to work on.
Selena is extremely professional, she has a deep knowledge of the theories that support the process.
Her previous professional experience and life wisdom make of her an outstanding coach and solid partner. Should you really want to change your life/work scripts, Selena is THE person helping you to do that, founding it on your real being and values.”
– Entrepreneur, 40’s, expanded the business internationally




“… change career path… in just TWO sessions”
“I reached out to Selena with the wish to change my career path from a technical profession to a social impact area.
Since I didn’t have any training or study in the area I wanted to move into, therefore, I was very uncertain where to start and thinking it would take me years to get where I wanted.
Selena used her experience, insights and excellent tools to determine a comprehensive profile of myself (Cognitive Processing Profile, Value Orientation, Motivational Profile), assessing a wide range of my capabilities and personality in just two sessions.
The results were mind-blowing. They showed me strengths I had, which I was not implementing in my previous career, and also why I felt unsatisfied and unfulfilled.
The results uncovered character traits and abilities of mine which could be effortlessly and clearly deployed in a new area, making my shift to the non-profit sector straightforward and easy.
With an extensive report about my profile, I could clearly see where my potential lies and how to use it in future functions. It gave me the confidence to move forward in searching for my desired role in the non-profit sector and shortly thereafter I started working in a remarkable non-profit organisation with strong social impact.
I am passionate about my new job, in a role I deeply enjoy, surrounded with like-minded people in my team and fulfilled as never before.
Selena’s approach to her coaching is just amazing. With a suave and gentle style, she has an intuitive insight into her clients’ needs and emotional condition. The cutting-edge technological tools she uses to assess her clients’ potential is astonishingly accurate and practical.
Selena’s coaching triggered a major positive shift in my professional career, and I have been recommending her to my friends and colleagues in need of guidance.”
– Architect to Boardmember, 40’s, career switch




“… purpose and direction…”
“..found my passion, clarified my purpose and uncovered direction… in LIFE.”
– Millennial, Banker, 20’s, secured the international assignment




“… self-worth and reinventing internal conversations…”
“With her guidance, I feel I learned to more comfortably appreciate and be proud of my uniqueness and gifts without seeking external validation.
By reinventing my internal conversations, I strengthened my relationships at work and at home.”
– Senior Strategy HR Manager, Nasdaq-listed company, 30’s, ease in self




“… enriching …”
“Selena is the best coach. EVER!
I feel extremely grateful and privileged for the interactions I have had with Selena – every meeting with her has enriched my life in some way.”
– Entrepreneur and mother of three, 40’s, re-entered the workforce




“… connecting the dots…courage to change…”
“I was under pressure to balance work-life, I tried to self-discipline, but it had little effect.
With Selena, it worked.
She helped me identify the key issues,connected the dots and taught me how to get results. I learnt the importance of self will and courage to change.
I would definitely recommend Selena to anyone, whether in a corporate environment or private practice.”
– Financial Controller in a SIX-Listed Company, 40’s, Leadership Advisory



“… inner strength and self-confidence…”
“After some difficult times, I lacked self-confidence and did not know the purpose of my life any longer.
Thanks to Selena’s coaching, to her wise and subtle leading me to the best of my roots and understanding of my heritage, to her appreciation and modelling of my thoughts, feelings, will, endurance, and – after all – my newly found self-confidence, I feel relaxed yet focused, tolerant yet assertive.
I found the strength inside me and thanks to Selena’s help, I could bring it up to the surface again. I recommend her style for anybody looking for support for new ways through their lives.”
-Freelancer, 50’s, empowerment


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