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Don’t wait till it’s too late

As kids, Mom would step in when my siblings and I went 'too far'. “It doesn’t matter who started it... ... sort it out. Or I will." Of course, Mom would give plenty of warning. The ‘glance’, the stare, that sigh. We landed up paying the price whenever blissfully…...

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The Power of a Universal Language

Across generations, backgrounds, colours, shapes and sizes We were singing along…shaking booty… with P!nk. The atmosphere was electric. People from all walks of life were connected. Because when lyrics, melody and rhythm tap into the soul… … it transcends barriers....

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Are you in the wrong role?

  You're physically at work. BUT you've mentally and emotionally ‘checked-out’. You’re bored...wondering to yourself ... “Why can’t they get it!?” Or you wish things weren’t so 'scattered'... “We just need more structure!”  Is work getting to you? If so, you… (or...

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Why HOW we think matters

When I discovered my thinking style I started making better decisions. In Factfulness, Hans Rosling starts by asking 13 simple fact based questions on general knowledge of the world. He uses facts that are well documented and not disputed. The tests are uncomplicated...

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A new beginning… a story of becoming

Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing everyone peace and prosperity in the Year of the Pig.   I'm taking this opportunity to announce a new beginning in my life: the official launch of my company. Three years ago, when I left my job, setting-up my 'own thing' was the...

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