Of the many lessons from the pandemic, these are three that helped me through such uncertain times. I hope they can be of help to you, too.

The three lessons are:

(1)  New times require new approaches

Working harder… doing more of the same… leads nowhere faster. We need to adapt, different ways to navigate these unchartered Covid-19 territory. From distribution channels, monetary policies, medical to political systems, adapting was and remains to be, essential, so we can prepare for the shape of things to come.

(2)  Small actions make a big difference

Sure, the simplest actions… social distancing, hand-washing, mask-wearing…mitigates the spread. But it’s not ‘just’ the disease. It’s the underlying dis-ease that comes with it. It’s the unmistakable underlying low-grade tension that permeated all aspects of our daily lives. Tension creates more tension – WHEN we let it.

The best way to overcome it? Is to acknowledge it – and release it.

Call a friend. Help a neighbour. Support the local community. Listen. Share. Ask for help. Simple acts release inner tension – and can bring relief in life.

(3) Subtle shifts matter

The “R-number” is a signal.

It reflects how many people one infected person will pass the virus to. The more vigilant we are, the better our chances for getting ahead of the curve. The subtlest shifts can literally be the difference between life-or-death.

These lessons from the pandemic apply to our personal lives, too. If doing more of the same isn’t working? It’s time to adapt and find new approach. 

Don’t wait till it becomes a personal crisis. Low-grade tension adds-up. Pay attention to the subtle signs of dis-ease. The more vigilant you are, the better chance you have. Address dis-ease early, and remedy doesn’t have to be drastic.

It’s not about knowing. It’s about applying what we know and letting go of the ‘stuff’ that holds us back. After all, who you are now… and how you behave… is ultimately who you become. And it starts by deciding differently.

Those small daily habits each day? It’s what makes a big difference over a lifetime.

So if you are ready for something different, I developed the 5 micro habits for ease as an approach to well-being which …

… enables you to adapt your daily routine so your routine itself becomes the practice, it’s a way of being – and not another ‘to-do’ in your already busy life,

…helps you identify and release micro-tensions on-the-go and prevents low-grade stress from accumulating in the first place,

… gets you to pay attention to subtler and subtler shifts.

Getting ahead of the curve is the best chance you have for ease and well-being.

So the next time you wash your hands? Maybe you will release unnecessary inner tension, find a little more ease in that moment and even decide to call a friend.

Find out more about the 5 micro habits for ease here https://selenabetton.com/ease/