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Because success is faster together

No one is born with a rule book. You figure things out as you go along. With new situations, the ‘old ways’ may not work anymore. Wasting time, energy and resources. Causing unnecessary suffering. To you, and those who count on you.

That’s where working with Selena opens up possibilities. As your sparring partner, your sounding board – she brings her unique experience to the table. As a Coach and Leadership Advisor, she’s got your back and will accompany you toward more ease in your work, relationships and life – on your path to ease, fulfilment and success.


Gain Insight

√ Unpack your hidden narratives

√ Identify your blindspots

√ Make the immediate next steps

Make Decisions

√ Be at ease with the unknown

√ Dare to act

√ Let go of ‘what ifs’ or ‘if onlys’

Energy & Flow

√ How to let go

√ Manage your boundaries

√ Tap into flow

Build Rapport

√ How to be present

√ Be a leader worth following

√ Be a follower worth leading

Live Your Legacy

√ Find your golden thread

√ Create your future

√ Live well today: The 5 micro Habits

About Selena

Officially, I’m a former corporate executive with 20 years of global corporate experience turned Leadership Advisor and Coach.

At the core, I’m a human being – making the most of my “bonus time”. Since the cancer “wake-up call” in 2004, my time and energy is dedicated to soul-searching and calibrating: How can I connect better within? What am I creating with my time? How can I contribute to LIFE? 

Acknowledging the past, learning to be present and creating a future – has been enriching – bringing me closer to “who I am becoming”.

Grateful for the time I’ve been given and looking forward to possibilities to comes… my contribution is to accompany those willing to experience this path to ease and fulfilment for themselves.

Enjoy. In Joy,

Live Well. Love More. Leave Better.

What clients say about Selena’s presence

“… deeply listens and truly cares.”

“… suave, gentle and intuitive.”

“… talks straight to the heart and I instantly trusted.”

“… extremely professional with deep knowledge and life wisdom.”

“… warm, welcoming – and gets to the root cause.”

“… warm and calm personality which makes it easy to work together.”

“… I’ve been recommending her to my friends and colleagues seeking guidance.”

“… it was the best decision I ever took.”

Who Selena works with

Selena Betton works with people and systems in transition… seeking beyond the conventional. From students to “Big-Shots”, teens to sixty++, all walks of life. Age and titles, after all, are labels. As long as there’s a willingness to work on unconscious habit patterns and to invest energy and time to do so.

Some of Selena’s client profiles

√ Senior Leaders at pharmaceutical and banking institutions on leadership and management

√ Senior Project Manager in insurance on leadership and navigating the political dimension and culture change

√ Senior Executive in manufacturing on advancing to management role

√ Digital Marketing Specialist on corporate politics, boundaries and well-being

√ Established business owner on scaling-up internationally

√ Millennial on a ‘life quest’

√ Subject matter expert to board member transition

√ Corporate-to-Entrepreneur career switchers on addressing limiting beliefs on money and success

√ High potential men and women on leadership, career advancement and career transitions – in banking, audit, HR, change management

How can we work together

Some are fun. Some are misleading. Others are revealing. Most just gather dust.

Having done many assessments during her 20-year corporate career… (admittedly suffering from ‘assessment fatigue’)… Selena realised these particular ones were different. 

Typically used by head-hunters and large corporates for recruitment and succession planning, she knew that the only way to make these ‘assessments come alive’ was through coaching or experiential workshops. These assessments helped her find the work environment that suited her best. 

And she believes it can do the same for individuals, leaders and teams … who are ready to explore beyond the mainstream methodologies.

1. “See” what others are projecting onto you

√ Clarify the projections and reduce misunderstandings

√ “The Three Antidotes” for earning respect

√ Learn the Leadership Model ‘Who-Does-What-To-Whom-When’

2. Find out where you’re leaking energy

√ Discover your ‘Shadow-Index’ – how self-aware are you?

√ Reveal the face you show to the world – and the one you keep hidden

√ Find out the unconscious quests you are on in your life

3. Are you bored at work? Stressed? Discover your world of work

√ Uncover which environment suits you best

√ Learn which of the 14 different thinking styles you use in unfamiliar situations

√ Understand why people might not ‘get you’

What clients say about the assessments

“The results were mind-blowing. They showed me strengths I had, which I was not implementing in my previous career, and also why I felt unsatisfied and unfulfilled.”


“With an extensive report about my profile, I could clearly see where my potential lies and how to use it in future functions. It gave me the confidence to move forward in searching for my desired role.”


“The cutting-edge technological tools she uses to assess clients’ potential is astonishingly accurate and practical. Selena’s coaching triggered a major positive shift in my professional career.”

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Practical Information

What is the difference between Leadership Advisory and Coaching?

Coaching focuses on self-discovery and is typically limited to a 6-month engagement. Thereafter, a ‘cooling-off’ period is required, to ensure the client independently embeds the practice. We catch-up again to see ‘where you’re at’… and see what needs to be calibrated. 

Leadership advisory goes further, it’s for the long-term with a retainer agreement.  Let’s face it: being a leader is lonely. Everyone wants something from you. Hardly anyone will ‘tell you as it is’. 

That’s where Selena comes in. She’s been called a sounding board, sparring partner, a helping hand, a kick-in-the-behind and a shoulder to cry on. Whatever the terminology, she’s got your back. Leadership advisory is designed to specifically navigate collective dynamics/stakeholder management. Who are such clients? They’re typically, but not exclusively, high-potentials, key talent or C-Suite executives who are brilliant at what they do – and know that we are stronger together. Limited availability.

Will it work, and how long does it ‘take’

It is difficult to generalise because everyone is different. Change is easy. Lasting change needs to be embedded.

Coaching clients usually take 12 sessions (spread out over six months) of 60-90 min per session. It always starts with a complimentary discovery call, in which we figure out whether we are able to work together to achieve your goals.

Leadership advisory is a longer term partnership. 

Is this therapy?

Although many of the techniques come from observing what the worlds’ best therapists do intuitively (outside of their training), Coaching and Leadership Advisory is not therapy. It does, however, achieve many of the aims that people frequently go to therapy for, which is a change or movement through places in their lives where they feel stuck. The value of a good therapist is undeniable, but what coaching offers is change—change that lasts and that does not require someone to remember to be different. It is change that happens at the deepest level of learning, and so it becomes self generating.

Will this conflict with other healing modalities?

No. Coaching and Leadership Advisory does not conflict with any other psychological, or physical healing modalities. In fact, if often increases the effectiveness of other healing modalities and speeds up the healing process.


When not traveling, Selena works in Zollikon, Switzerland or mutually agreed locations around Zürich. She also works via Zoom, Skype, WhatsAp… 



Working times

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