Ever wanted flow? Did you try visualisations, vision boards or mantras to tap into it?

Wonder why it “works” for some but not others…

… or whether too esoteric and ‘woo-woo’ for ‘real world’?

So did I.

But I also knew that if world-class athletes credit their success not only dedication – but also to their inner-game – I needed to find out more.

From meditation, mindfulness, vipassanna, yoga… to psychoanalytics, the enneagram, NLP, constellations, I wanted to figure out how to…

… activate the right and left brains, the creative-artistic AND rational-methodical sides.

Plus it needed to be fun, effective – and sustainable.

Here’s where I discovered these Three V’s that made all the difference:

1. Vivid (Head) – Feel Real

Recall that book… that movie… can transport you to another place and time… making your heart pound or tear-up. This only happens – when it is vivid enough. Vivid after all, actually means, lived memory. As Dumbledore said,

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?”

Visualisations need to be strong and clear enough – to feel real.

2. Vibrant (Heart) – Be activated

They also need to have the right vibration.

It is kind of like tuning-in to a radio frequency – you get sound or static. Or the reason why soldiers used to break-stride, march out of unison, when crossing bridges in the past to avoid resonance.

All life vibrates, including our bodies.

While much is still to be discovered… from Qi to Chakras… just think about people you know who are ‘spark’ and light up the room … or others who are energy sapping ‘vampires’. Or the time you walked into a room and felt the warmth or cold shudder. That’s the vibration we are capable of sending and receiving.

Visualisations need to be vibrant enough – to get activated.

3. Visceral (Body) – Embodied

Visualisations also need to be embodied.

Artists have long since used their bodies as forms of expression. Children are natural experts. Sedentary office adults, sadly, have lost this connection. It’s even in our language.

Head of State, Head Office, Head of Department or Headcount. We’re disembodied.

Visualisations need be expressed in how we move and be embodied within us.

The easiest way let in flow is when your practice is Vivid, Vibrant and Visceral.

And that’s why, micro-habit #4 is about Letting In these three V’s.

And when you do, as Roger Federer describes it best,

“Once you find that peace, that place of peace and quiet, harmony and confidence, that’s when you start playing your best.”

So the next time you practice visualisations, make a vision boards or say mantras – remember to engage the three V’s.

After many decades of practice, it’s still by far the easiest way for to let flow in. I’m sure it will be you, too.

You can discover more about this technique in my online course, the 5 micro habits for ease here.

And remember, all it takes to make it stick, are just these 5 micro habits.


Find out more about my online program the 5 micro habits for ease, https://selenabetton.com/ease


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