You’re physically at work.

BUT you’ve mentally and emotionally ‘checked-out’.

You’re bored…wondering to yourself … “Why can’t they get it!?”

Or you wish things weren’t so ‘scattered’… “We just need more structure!” 

Is work getting to you?

If so, you… (or your boss)… could be in the wrong “domain of work”.

Let’s start by imagining a symphony orchestra


There are groups of related instruments: woodwinds, brass, percussions and strings.

With each talent in their rightful place, the conductor masterfully makes the music ‘come alive’.

Would you consider swapping the Violinist and the Conductor?

Probably not.

Yet it often happens at work. We land up in the wrong domain. Playing the wrong role.


Finding the right domain of work


At one end is the Operational Domain. Here’s where the specialists; surgeons, professors, mechanics and violinists… excel at getting the job done.

At the other end is the Strategic Domain. This is where the policy makers, administrators, think tanks, and conductors… weave magic together… by figuring out which job needs to be done.

And in the middle? Is the Tactical Domain; where the connectors interpret and mediate.

Some prefer structure; others thrive in chaos. Some are full of ideas; others are pragmatic.

Each has a specific part to play, with a unique contribution. To make dreams a reality.


The secret to a fulfilling career is doing what you love, doing what you’re good at and making a living from it


Knowing your domain of work jumpstarts the process.

Seven years ago, I was lucky enough to find out mine. I underwent an advanced computerised assessment technique, one which externalises and tracks thinking processes.

It sparked a new beginning for me. And has since brought remarkable results for my clients.

“… the assessment results were mind-blowing. They showed me strengths I had which I was not implementing and why I felt unsatisfied and unfulfilled. It gave me the confidence to move forward.” – a client who transitioned from an architect to becoming a board member




Work works when there’s flow.

When we are contributing at our potential, we are physically, mentally and emotionally ‘checked-in’. The orchestra plays together in harmony.

One of the secrets to fulfilling work is being in the right domain.

There are 5 Domains of Work (check the resources for more).

Do you know yours?


About the author


Selena is a leadership advisor and a coach for people in transition who want to reach their potential. To transform insight into action, Selena uses holistic approaches which includes psychometric assessments. If you are interested to find out more, sign-up for a discovery call with Selena today.

“…very quickly I was faced with many new insights on myself. The methods Selena use are extraordinary, very human-like, but still challenging” Senior Executive, 30’s, successfully transitioned into a new, more challenging role.